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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How Does Blake Griffin Stay In Shape?

Living in one of the most gifted bodies in the NBA is the Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin. Coming off of a detrimental knee injury last season, Griffin comes out in 2010 ready to prove that he is one of the NBA's best, but with his health in question he sought out new techniques to keep himself limber.


Blake Griffin has taken on yoga with a basketball in hand. Combining the conditioning of mind and core, yoga also stretches and strengthens the muscles of the body. And when you're a lean 6'10, 251lbs like Blake, you got a lot of body to keep in shape.

Being a professional basketball player is among the most physically demanding of professions with eighty-two games of regular-season full-body exhaustion. Blake Griffin's fitness is imperative to his playing style because, even at his size, Blake maneuvers his body as explosive and strong as any.

In Los Angeles we get the pleasure of seeing Blake Griffin's moves at every home game, but if you want too see some of Griffin's (yoga) moves check out Nate Millado's feature in this month's Men's Fitness: http://www.mensfitness.com/fitness/new_moves/795?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4ccedd11f7b3a672%2C0.


Marty O'Connor
NBA-FrontPage Los Angeles