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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hornets PA Announcer: Samuel L Jackson Set To Introduce Starting Lineups

Samuel L. Jackson has been seen at many New Orleans Hornet's homes games this season while he's been in town shooting the movie "Django Unchained". The actor will take to the public address system when the Los Angeles Clippers visit the Hornets Thursday Night and will introduce the starting lineups for each team.

The star power will also be in full effect as this will mark the first time former Hornet Chris Paul will lace them up in the Hive for the opposing team.

Will Ferrell handled starting introductions earlier this season at a Hornets games while he was in town filming a movie. Ferrell was around the arena so much he was routinely seen running pick up games or shooting around hours before the games. Ferrell's introductions were a part of "80's night at The Hive". In case you missed those introductions...here they are...

For Kids night the Hornets have also allowed kids from local schools to introduce the starting lineups.

At least the Hornets are keeping it interesting during what has been a dreadful season since Chris Paul and David West moved on. West made his return to New Orleans a few weeks ago and received a warm reception and video tribute, we can expect the same if not more will be done for Chris Paul who gave everything to that city during the first six years of his career.