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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Updated Trade Rumors...

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching, a lot of rumors are floating around the league. Who will be the big name moved by Thursday at 3PM EST?

We know Houston wants Pau Gasol bad, and the Lakers definitely aren't against trading him. Will Kobe put this trade to bed? Maybe call young Buss and tell him to kill it? Kobe does not want to lose Gasol.

We were hearing the last few weeks Rondo as the guy the Celtics might look to trade. Now the word is Paul Pierce could be on the block. Paul has two years left on contract at $16.7M and $15.3M. That's a lot of money for two years per, but Pierce is a proven scorer with a championship ring. If you can get the right package this might be a good move. Celtics would free up a lot of cap space. With Allen and Garnett's expiring contracts coming off the books after this year it could be house cleaning for Boston. Even though I do not like Celtics one bit, it's nice to see players play their whole career with one team. So as an NBA fan, I hope he stays in Boston.

The Wizards are shopping for a veteran big man to pair up with John "The Blur" Wall. As I said in last weeks trade update, Wizards are willing to trade anybody but Wall, including Javale McGee and Andray Blatche. This is the right thing to do. Wall is super talented but really needs some good vets to mentor him.

New York Knicks look to be quiet at this years trade deadline. They are having enough problems meshing with all the roster changes the past seasons.

Rumors floating in Philadelphia have Jrue Holiday on the move to Utah for Derrick Favors. I like that move for the Sixers, Favors is young and a super talented big man. Elton Brand has seen his better days, Favors would be a great fit. Holiday is a nice point guard, but with Jodie Meeks playing well and Turner, Williams, and Iguodala able to handle the ball, this trade could work.

On the Nets front, it's pretty much the same as last week. Michael Beasley is still rumored to be Jersey bound. Dwight Howard talk is sure to pick up in the next few days. I really don't see the Nets getting Superman, for the fact that it's not the package that Orlando really wants. Magic are looking for a "Carmelo" type deal the Nuggets received last year from New York. The Nets can offer maybe a Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks, draft picks combo.

The next five days until the March 15th deadline I will be updating any and all rumors, trades, and happenings going on. Gonna be a crazy week people!

- Genovese