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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tyson Chandler Earns His Ring

Pardon me for injecting a quote from a football coach on a hoops site but it's quite universal. "You Play To Win The Game"-Herm Edwards. From Dominguez High School in Compton, CA to Chicago to New Orleans to Charlotte to Dallas and now New York in the NBA, Tyson Chandler received the ultimate possession sought by any true basketball competitor on his return to Big D, his championship ring.

Although he only spent one season in Big D, his 10.1ppg 9.4rpg 1.4bpg and presence in the middle was exactly what the Mavericks needed in their quest to get their franchise their first title. A High Schooler with another championship ring and to think that it is extinct to jet straight from the preps to the pros, where many during that era are now winning and won titles and are littered on NBA rosters.

Chandler will not get the fully deserved credit, may not be recognized by the casual fan or receive the endorsements that his peers garner but he has that ring and really that's all that matters if your a ballplayer. Chandler did what he was asked to do and did it well at a high level while rocking the Mavs threads in the 2010-2011 season in beating the entertainment Heat. He had his own Big 3 in New Orleans (where he averaged 9ppg and 12rpg his first season and a double-double with 11.8ppg and 11.7rpg in his second season) with David West and Chris Paul but it was "broke up" without sound reasoning and it didn't get headline news. He was a key figure on a Bobcat team that was in the playoffs in 2010, yes a Bobcat team made the playoffs and Chandler had much to do with it despite lesser averages in the aforementioned areas.

The point is Tyson Chandler knows his role (defense and rebounding-vital for any championship team) and knows that as a 7-footer you can still dominate the game even with the shaping of it not being around the big man. Now he's in New York and they need him in New York for the very reasons Dallas needed him and why New Orleans should have kept him but just think about how he's never really griped about where he was yet how he came and did his job as it IS a business and that landed him with what others are still chasing... a CHAMPIONSHIP RING. As he has tatted on his arm "Only The Strong Survive".