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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spotted: Snoop Dogg and James Harden; Dennis Rodman

We all know Snoop Dogg loves the NBA and in more specific the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently he and ran into James Harden and Harden shared the moment with this Intsagram photo.

There is Dennis Rodman with of course and rather outrageous outfit to use but it's rather normal for Dennis. Dennis was hosting a St. Patrick's Day Party at TABU Lounge inside The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Rodman was also in Chicago last week for a Bulls game and told the Bulls TV broadcast crew that it was only his second trip to Chicago since his playing days ended in 1998. Rodman also said that Joakim Noah reminds him a lot of himself with his nit and grit play but that their team is still better than this years version of the Bulls. Either way being compared to Rodman on the court isn't so bad and in some ways Joakim has his own "Rodman-like" ways off the court.