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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video: Fun and Long Buzzer Beating Shots

Marcus Camby excited the crowd when he nailed a near full court shot. One problem it came after the buzzer and did not count but as it's fun to see a shot made like this. Even better the nets got tangled up.

And Paul George excited the crowd with his long almost three-quarter court buzzer beating shot. George got his off before the buzzer so it counted. What a way to send the fans to the concession stands for halftime.

No matter what it's always fun seeing crazy long shot go in, whether they count or not although counting is even better.

And even a third grader from Oklahoma got in on the buzzer beating act.


Anonymous said...

These types of shots are always exciting to see, even if they don't count! Thanks for posting...

HoopHead said...

Amazing shots! Love the little kid getting shown some love he had to have felt great!