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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dwight Howard Has Multiple Baby Mamas

Dwight Howard finally decided to stay in Orlando for the remainder of his contract after going back and forth several times. Much has been said about Dwight's decision making throughout the entire process dating back to when he presented the Orlando Magic with a list of teams he wanted to be traded to in the offseason.

It seems that Dwight's failure to make any decision, wise or not, is now coming out full throttle. Despite the gag order that he has on the mother of his son Royce Reed, a former Orlando Magic cheerleader and current star on the reality TV show Basketball Wives, to not speak publicly about him being the father of their son. This has brewed a firestorm of sorts as Dwight is seeking sole custody of their son claiming Royce has violated this gag order.

Well Royce isn't happy about this and feels her violation should be voided because get this, there are other women with children by Dwight Howard who are not being held by a gag order and having to go through what she has to in dealing with Dwight. Royce is coming back attempting to get the judge in the case removed because she feels this judge has a bias against women who have children by NBA players.

Who are these other women with children by Howard?

Well there's Hope Alexa with her daughter Jayde. Jayde was born is December 2010

Then there is a Ms. Render who goes by the names of Tiffany, Helena and Whitney. She has a daughter names Layla who was born in October of 2010. Now if not having all of those names isn't an indication something is up then we don't know what to tell ya.

Lastly there is Marion Denise Douglas who was in a relationship with Dwight, does not have any children by the star center but is widely suspected of having had an abortion. Ms. Douglas has a tattoo on the back of her neck of Dwight Howard's logo so that should seal the deal that there was something there at one point and time.

Well this is a lot to take in. Wonder if those cities that Dwight wanted to be traded to had to do anything with another baby mama somewhere demanding he get close to his kid(s) there or else she would go to the press with more damning information. As we know when your trying to protect your image damning information is the last thing you need.

This is a lot coming from a player who at one time wanted the NBA to consider altering the NBA Logo to include the cross. Forgiveness is needed for sure.