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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shao-Lin...The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues

If any body needed a spark it was the New York Knicks. Nobody thought the Harvard grad Jeremy Lin would be it. After a 25 point, 7 assist, 5 rebound night against the Nets on Saturday. Lin followed that up with a 28 point, 8 assist night against the Jazz.

Madison Square Garden has a new favorite, so does Mike D'Antoni, who might have been out of a job if it wasn't for Lin's incredible play. He's a fearless kid with eyes behind his head, and gets to the rack Nash-like. Lin is a perfect fit for D'Antoni's offense which lets the point guard create and make plays on the fly.

It goes to show you how in sports as well as anything else in life, you work hard, great things happen! The night before the amazing game against the Nets, Jeremy needed a place to crash and ended up on Landry Fields couch. Who would have thought 4 days later his contract will be guaranteed for the rest of the season. Jeremy will have $788,872 reasons to smile.

- Genovese