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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Economics of Jeremy Lin...

In sports we have seen it all. The guy bagging groceries one day, then becoming a two-time MVP and Super Bowl champ (Kurt Warner). Or maybe the best young boxer we have ever seen, a world champion, king of the world; to incarceration, a one hundred plus million dollar fortune squandered, and a sad ending to an amazing career (Mike Tyson).

Every story has it's own beginning and ending. Jeremy Lin's beginning is all well known now, Jeremy's legacy is another story. As a die-hard Knicks fan of course I hope he is the next Lou Gehrig (not comparing), in terms of filling in for Wally Pipp and never coming back out of the lineup.

I think Jeremy Lin is obviously great for my beloved Knicks, but even more so for the NBA. I have followed sports for over 30 plus years and never seen anything quite like this. All this and he has only started 5 games in the NBA!

Ride the wave Jeremy, ride the wave.

Forbes.com breaks down the economics of Jeremy Lin, check it out, very interesting.

- Genovese