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Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Baby Throws a Big Party All Star Weekend

The NBA All Star weekend is upon us. It has been a grueling season so far with sometimes five games a week. As well there are some games that are triple back to backs. The players are grateful for much needed rest. The All Star game is in Orlando this year with some of the Magic players hosting big parties. The Magic players are hosting A-listers and b-ballers with all their high profile friends.

One of the main players hosting a party is Glen Big Baby Davis. He is hosting two parties today and tonight the first party from 2pm to 9pm and the second party from 9pm to 4am that will last into Saturday. Big Baby hired DJ PointBlanc who will be on the turntables at both parties. Big Baby has a huge guest list of top players in the league coming out with some of his former Celtics attending his party. The NBA needs to unwind tonight and it starts with the Big Baby throwing a big party that will be Big Fun.

Thomas Zukoski