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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jeremy Lin pokes fun at friend and teammate Landry Fields

Just in case Jeremy Lin has not gotten used to the star treatment, Friday afternoon served as a reminder of just how big a sensation he has become. Prior to Friday nights Rising Star's Challenge, the NBA gave Lin his own availability to the media, territory usually reserved solely for commissioner David Stern. In front of about 100 people, Lin fielded the first question-not from a reporter- but from his teammate Landry Fields, who asked Lin if he knew who the MVP of the San Francisco Pro-Am was in 2009 and 2010. Lin, who knew the answer was fields, gave this hilarious response:

"Landry Fields was the MVP. He played for the Oakland Believers, and he doesn't have a lot of friends," Lin said.

Fields is Lin's closest friend on the Knicks. Both are from the Bay Area and, as it so happens, Lin crashed on Fields' couch the night before his breakout game against the New Jersey Nets. Some video games, wings and teammate bonding. Talk about good times.

From Huffington Post

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