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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scottie Pippen's old stuff in a garage sale

Check this video (20 minutes) of a preview of a Garage Sale at Scottie Pippin's old Chicago home.

(Keep in mind, there has been a new owner since Scottie and his family lived there...but the new owners did inherit a lot of valuable Bulls stuff from the golden era with Michael Jordan.)

From the Chicago-area Trib Local:

On Saturday, shoppers began lining up at the door at about 6:30 a.m. for the sale that didn't start at 9 a.m. The usually quiet Shady Lane experienced a grid lock at times as drivers perused up and down the block, looking for parking that wasn't there. Even at about 4 p.m. an hour before close, about 100 people lined the driveway, half way to the curb. Most had spent about two hours waiting but still hadn't been able to enter the home.

Check out some of these photos...
Bulls memorbilia

...loads of DVD's...

vintage looking coats

...bins and bins full of toys

folks waiting in line at

2320 Shady Lane

*Ugh...that's so much junk. What do you think?