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Monday, March 28, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James does his best interview all year...the Boys and Girls Club

NBA FrontPage has landed another exclusive. Friend to our website Kelvin Sims from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America  shared with us this special interview that LeBron James gave some lucky kids the other day.

LBJ with the teen interviewers.
The Boys and Girls Club of America has a multimedia website where teen reporters don't have to wait until they grow up to start a broadcast career. The staff and volunteers help put them in real life work situations, so when the Heat went to Atlanta the other day, LeBron visited the BGCA headquarters and made some dreams come true.

Sims says on myclubmylife.com:
LeBron chose Boys & Girls Clubs as his charity of choice to receive all of the proceeds from that announcement. The $3 million donation includes 1,000 new computers for select Clubs to ensure more members are educated in digital literacy -- something he feels strongly about.
He spoke of places like local Clubs that gave kids like him a safe place to play when there were limited opportunities.
Check out myclubmylife.com teen reporters Nikki and Taylor in exclusive interviews.
The first video he talks with Nikki about education and digital literacy, and how leading a healthy lifestyle and making smart food choice.

Here "the King" gets candid with Taylor about his "Decision".

Sims says the kids were super excited to chat with the king...and to be featured on our website.

LBJ with the teen reporters.

*Hey kids...sign up for our FanZone...it's free and you can win prizes be featured on our show and talk about your favorite players!!!

Good job teens!
Big ups LBJ!