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Monday, March 7, 2011

LeBron's GQ article shows why "We Love the NBA"

In the March issue of GQ LeBron is featured.
Here's why:

LeBron's style is admired by GQ.

Gentleman's Quarterly admires his swag. That's the jist. Jim Moore writes:

The concept of modern courtside sartorial style may have been pioneered by Michael Jordan, but after two decades LeBron James owns it. And not because he has the biggest closet in the NBA or because he is its flashiest dresser. It's because when LeBron struts into a room swathed in Purple Label, he has the swagger to pull it off. When wearing the simplest black suit, he understands that tailoring is key, cutting everything close to his nearly seven-foot frame. For LeBron, it's a world of custom Tom Ford suits and Gucci shoes, but none of this made-for-me stuff gives you great personal style unless you have the keen eye of someone determined to look good all of the time. He's got an opinion that I'd ask for anytime.

*So what do you think? Is he the reason why we like the NBA?