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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shaq surprises a nursing home

Something tells me that Shaquille O'Neal must have his personal assistant assign him a "Shaq Surprise" at least once a month. That's the fantasy in my mind. Because he does it all the time...and we love him for it.

So the big guy's latest caper was to surprise some older fans at a Boston nursing home:

Shaq with elderly fans

"Shaq's visit truly brightened the spirits of everyone at Spaulding North End and is something that will mean a great deal to all of us for a very long time," said Spaulding Rehabilitation Network President David Storto. "We want to thank Shaq and the Boston Celtics organization for being so generous with their time and supporting the community in such a meaningful way."
Shaq made the visit in response to fan mail that he had received from an elderly man.
"It makes me happy to see the smiles and laughter of the great fans of the Boston Celtics," O'Neal said. "One of the patients at the home had been an elevator operator at the TD Garden for over 40 years and she told me stories about Red Auerbach riding in her elevator."
Shaq brought pizza and shared the evening with 30 patients, ranging from ages 13 to 102.
Celtic fans of all ages.
(from Celtics press release)