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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Video: Royce Reed talks the real deal on "Basketball Wives"

In season two of "Basketball Wives", Diwght Howard's baby-mama Royce Reed was not the out right star. But she did become more sympathetic and chnged her public perception.

Royce Reed...is a cutie pie.

Recently Royce called up TT Torez of Richmond's 92.1 to chat. Here's the over 15 minute interview (warning.)

Here's a summary:
On the Tami vs. Evelyn fight:

She says she doesn’t blame Tami for the fight between her and Evelyn. She also wanted to clarify on recent tweets made by fellow Basketball Wife Tami saying “Everybody knew but me.” She wanted everyone to know she didn’t know and Tami wasn’t talking about her. She says she isn’t like Suzie and owns up to her mistakes.

On her friendship status with other wives:

Royce said when people put themselves out there and express their feelings from the heart and then others show their true colors, it makes you feel stupid. She said “they” aren’t her friends. However, Tami, Suzie and Ashley are her friends. She even mentioned how she and Gloria ended their drama. But she wouldn’t go out her way to say Evelyn and Jennifer are friends of hers.

On her relationship with Shaunie:

She says Shaunie has that mentality that if her friends don’t like you , then she can’t either and to her that’s high school.

On her joining the cast:

She mentioned her life as being a open book and when she signed on to be on the show, she knew people were going to look at her with a side stare. She said she made some stupid mistakes but she has morals. She claims to not be that girl with a lot men under her belt.

Her and Dewayne’s relationship on the show:

She didn’t want to film intimate moments of their relationship but she was told by production that she had to have a certain amount of footage. She planned to be unsexy and wear an unflattering outfit in hopes that it wouldn't make the show but unfortunately, it did.

On Evelyn and Ochocinco’s relationship:

She said she cant knock them if its it for TV but she doesn’t know if its real or fake.

On the rumors of her not returning to Basketball Wives:

She says it isn’t true and she will be returning and hopefully the public can see other projects she’s working on like her new book “College Girls.”

On her up and coming projects:

She said the release date for her book “College Girls” is next Sunday. The book is loosely based on her life and her friends life in college and the parts of college life that aren't discussed like campus rapes and STD scares.

She is also in a play called “Cheaters” written by Dennis Reed which is slated for a 14 city tour and she works with a non-profit organization called “Dance to Live” which fights against childhood obesity.

Opinion on how this season of Basketball Wives turned out:

She thinks they got the ratings that they wanted and that she stayed true to herself and you can love her and/or hate her.

On Suzie being scared of Evelyn:

She responds saying Suzie isn’t scared of Evelyn anymore and that Suzie felt as if she looked like a wimp on TV.

On the rumor about Dwight Howard cutting of her child support:

She states that she can't discuss the situation but her son is her love and she will fight tooth to nail for what she loves.

*Take that!