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Friday, April 1, 2011

Video: Kobe Whippin' A Smart Barbus Commercial

Ok so I really stopped and looked at one of those Smart Cars/Barbus' the other day, you know when you really stare and gaze,the one that has the driver behind blowing at you cause the light is green type of stares. Well I came to the conclusion that the damn car really is that small. It makes an old school VW Beetle look like a family SUV, really it's a street legal Power Wheels.

Kobe Bryant is a wheelmen but in a Smart car? He has to take the front seat out and sit in the back to be comfy while driving, wait does it have a backseat? Anyway checkout the commercial it's pretty cool.

Nice, we even got a Kobe assist thrown in there! Wonder how Midget from New Jack City would have whipped this ride?