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Friday, April 29, 2011

UPDATED:Chris Bosh IS Married.

UPDATE: It is official, Christopher Wesson Bosh and Adrienne Nicole Williams are husband and wife and were married on April 9th 2011 as the marriage license below indicates. Bosh denied that the couple was married at a recent NBA presser when the question was posed to him. Well hey sometimes you just don't believe it yourself. Something tells us that Adrienne isn't all that upset about the intial denial by her new hubby but still why deny it? Congradulations to the newlyweds and we wish you the best! Courtsey of TMZ, here is the offical marriage certificate.

We've been keeping you up on the happenings of Chris Bosh and his finace' Adrienne Williams as they prepare for their wedding. Well Well have they already tied the knot on the low, much like Shannon Brown and Monica did late in 2010?

Well according to TMZ yes they have. And here is the Marriage License....

Well the government can't lie, even though they sometimes do but why would they about a marriage license. So if Bosh and Williams are now officially husband and wife then Congrats to them.

Most times the NBA players marry in the off-season just so the bride will not complain about not getting the perfect wedding or the most elaborate honeymoon or what have you but maybe in this case Adrienne wanted it done before the Heat win the championship and the groupies really break out the closet for "Mr. Softee". At any rate again we are happy for the couple on their... " marriage"