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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lamar and Khloe Launch Unbreakable

Can you get enough of Lamar and Khloe. Well they are everywhere and now they are on the scene for the launch of their new fragrance Unbreakable. We reported this to you earlier and this is coming on right before the launch of their reality TV show on E! so they are busy. Oh and did we factor in the end of the regular season and the start if what is expected to be a playoff season ride taking Lamar and his Lakers to mid June if all goes well? So yea busy is the correct adjective to fit their schedule.

The couple celebrated the launch of Unbreakable in Hollywood at the Redbury Hotel...

Lamar's teammate Shannon Brown and his wife were there for the occasion as well...

and both couples took a moment together also...

Well can't wait to pick it up in the stores, hey we know Ron Artest likes it and he's a good citizen nowadays.