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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chris Paul is tired of rumors about going to Charlotte

Twitter is great for celebrites to tell it like they want it. (Although it often gets them in trouble, they also use it to clarify rumors when they get out of hand.)
That's what North Carolina native and Hornets star Chris Paul had to do.

Chris Paul for Jumpman
Chris Paul is one of the faces for the Jordan Brand, Jumpman campaign. So reporters have continuely tried to make a connection with North Carolina, Michael Jordan, the Bobcats and CP3's contract ending in 2012 with the Hornets.

Chris Paul has continually kept it straight--From the AP:

"It would definitely be something to think about," the New Orleans guard said Tuesday when asked about the potential to sign with the Jordan-owned Charlotte Bobcats in 2012. "But right now it's all about trying to win a championship here with the Hornets."

This politcally correct answer led to more and more speculation...and more and more questions from reporters.

So finally, Chris Paul tweeted:

CP3 tweet

CP3 tweet

CP3 tweet

*How ya like them apples?


Jamichael said...

We knew the CP3 hoopla was only with a matter of time. I can see him in Charlotte however, MJ has made cap space