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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bulls Statue of Pippen, Has Color

#33 Scottie Pippen... A couple of weeks ago he made a comment that Jordan could get major buckets in today's game. Yet how fierce would Pip's D be in today's game? Pippen made his mark on the defensive end for the Bulls dynasty of the 90's and now with a public "ambassador" role with the Bulls and the Bulls have showed their respect. Yep no doubt Pippen deserved a statue, heck defense deserved it. Rebounding got a high five with Rodman's #10 flying to the rafters as a show of respect. Pip did his work in the triangle offense as well but that defense is what him the ultimate complement to Jordan.

The statue has color, deep real color. Maybe because the bull road red jersey says all the right things about the intense nature of Pippen's defense. Of course there are a thousand more words and phrases to describe a picture, yet Pippen's smile and family being there almost says enough. On your next trip inside the United Center be ready to pay the ticket and view the stunning artwork.