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Monday, April 4, 2011

Citizenship Award Nominees Include Ron Artest

Ron Artest is getting some press for in a positive manner recently. He donated his championship ring to charity, he's raising awareness for mental health and he's rapping. Well the latter is what he does to have fun but he's been serious about his efforts this season and others are taking notice. Still this is an honor that Artest has to be proud of even if he doesn't win it. We still think he's crazy but hey who doesn't have a lil' crazy in them?

Artest was nominated along with...

Marcus Camby...

Dwight Howard...

and Kyle Krover...

...for the 2011 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. Really would you have ever though Artest would be up for this award in his career, especially after that December day in 2004 when all hell broke out at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI which was later dubbed "The Malice in the Palace".

Way to go Ron, next thing you know he'll be up for the Joe Dumars Sportsmanship Award and that will bring the irony full circle.