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Friday, April 8, 2011

Charity Basketball from The Players?

Hurricane Katrina hit hard in 2005. The Hornets were not going to be able to play in the big easy. People were without homes and the necessities of everyday life. Isn't basketball a necessity? Well depend son who you ask but Kenny Smith decided that a basketball game would be a way to help ease the pain, you know bighten up the mood. So he held a charity hurricane relief game in Houston and it was a fine success.

Well the Players union may be looking at that option with the pending lockout looming if the business is not handled. Union president Derek Fisher did speak on the matter.

From NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper

“I’d say it’s possible right now,” the Lakers guard said after Wednesday night’s game at Oracle Arena. “We’re so focused on trying not to be in that situation, so it’s tough to go into full-scale planning on those types of situations. But at the same time, we have a responsibility as a union and as an association to really keep options that are viable open for our guys.
“There’s so many challenges logistically, in terms of where you play, having the arenas, having officials, security – all the things that a lot of times we don’t have to deal with because the league is doing those things. But we looked into it before, we’ve looked into it a little bit now. Until we see that it’s something that we’re really going to have to look forward to doing, right now, it’s still just kind of floating out there.”
Most signs point to the lockout beginning July 1 and damaging at least a large portion of offseason business. Fisher said the NBPA will be “trying to continue to create ideas and situations and opportunities where we can really keep our players out there in terms of being in the community, being visible, letting people know that guys would want to continue to play.”

No pay for the players and it's charity so how will the game be played, well with less intensity. How about with that old backyard style with a professional touch. The players want to show the fans they still want to play, this is the time to show that you do play for the love of the game and BASKETBALL fans. Until the business is handled that will do, pick up runs with NBA players over 48 minutes, yea we'd watch that.