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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Knicks/Magic game could be canceled for tonight

Arial view of MSG
According to a few media outlets, tonights Knicks/Magic game has been cancelled because of "court issues". Nothing has been confirmed yet however, on the contrary the Knicks PR staff has come out and said the game should be played tonight on schedule.

The Rangers and the Knicks share MSG with just about every popular band that comes into the city. Everyday crews are responsible for taking out the hockey boards, putting up a stage or setting up for the Knicks game. Apparently today the hockey rink is still intact after last nights Rangers-Blackhawks game, which naturally has made the internet go wild with rumors of a cancelled Knicks game.

The phrase "the game is in jeopardy" has been thrown around a lot this afternoon. It's all very dramatic. Which likely means the game will still be played and the people in charge of switching the rink out for the court just had a rough night and decided to take their time today.

Or maybe the Knicks are calling it quits even earlier this season.

UPDATE: MSG has confirmed that tonight's Knicks/Magic game is in fact cancelledAsbestos have been falling from the ceiling due to construction of the new MSG sky walk that will allow fans to walk above the court during a game.