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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zach Randolph might want to be a Piston

Does Zach Randolph want to be a Piston?

Some sources believe so.

According to a Sports Illustrated report, Randolph is looking for a job in Detroit. The 6-9 forward would fit right in with Piston front court that's, ahem, lacking a little bit.

Of course, Randolph wants to get paid. He is looking for a contract extension with the Grizzlies. That might not happen.

According to reports from the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Randolph's agent says he wants to stay in Memphis, and he likes it there. Who knows if that's true, or just an agent ploy.

A deal with the Pistons would reunite Randolph with a fan base familiar with his work. Randolph played basketball at Michigan State--for one year.