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Monday, November 8, 2010

Love: Dwight Howard's New Lady

For many months on the web, there were rumors about Dwight Howard moving on...way on...from his baby's mother Royce Reed.

The gorgeous Christine Vest has been seen in the company of the big guy. And we say good for him! (And good for her *smile*)


So...ya wanna learn more about her?

 Christine Vest, a former forward for Chico State, where she was a senior studying Communication Design last season.


She's cute right?!

Here's more: 
Now that she's graduated, Christine Vest is currently focusing her efforts on a career in the music industry. With a YouTube channel loaded with videos, the 22-year-old showcases her abilities as a singer, songwriter and guitar player. In fact, her profile on the Chico State womens team site notes that she was twice invited to perform the national anthem on senior night. 

Here's a video:

And that's why we give this couple...our blessing!


Marcelous Crown said...

oooh. She is pretty. no, fine. You guys always have the goods.