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Monday, November 15, 2010

Love: Anthony Tolliver's Decision

Remember T-Wolves guy Anthony Tolliver's spoof on LeBron's "Decision"?

Well the voice behind the video was his girl, Jessica Svaboda, and since their new found fame (because the spoof went viral over the internet) all eyes are on them.

Timberwolves.com reported:

Tolliver grabbed the team photographer and videographer to stage a photo shoot with his girlfriend, Jessica Svoboda, who was in town from Houston. Jessica was under the assumption that she was going to take professional photos at Loring Park and then at the practice facility with the two posing in Wolves uniforms. All along, Tolliver planned on surprising his future fiancée while documenting the entire event.

She said YES

NBA FrontPage approves this union so, We give them our blessing!