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Monday, November 8, 2010

Who The Hell Wouldn't Kiss Julianne Hough?

Apparently her boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest.

Last Sunday at the Lakers/Warriors game in Los Angeles, the super-couple sat front and center on the celebrity-filled Lakers courtside seats. Their presence remained fairly quiet until Seacrest pulled a move that would stun the Staples Center crowd.

During the ritualistic "kiss cam" the Lakers game night staff threw Seacrest and Hough on the jumbotron. The crowd roared expecting to see Ryan plant a juicy one on his beautiful lady friend, but HE DIDN'T DO IT! ... and the crowd went wild.

I actually asked a few close friends if they were given the chance to kiss Hough on the kiss cam, would they? This is how they replied (unknowingly of me posting their responses):

-"I would kiss Julianne Hough even if she just threw up all over me."

-"Are you kidding...?! (followed by explicit content)"

-"Who the Hell wouldn't kiss Julianne Hough?"

It is pretty unanimous that Julianne Hough is definitely a girl that any red blooded male would love to (and apparently go to great lengths to) kiss on the jumbotron given the opportunity, so Ryan Seacrest, what's your deal?! Sorry Julianne, maybe he's just not that into you... or beautiful women in general.