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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oden Out For Season...Again

You just kind of feel sorry for Greg Oden. I mean heck he's only played 82 games...in 4 seasons.

Well the news came down tonight that he will be out the rest of this season, in which he has yet to play, with microfracture knee surgery.

For the Trailblazers it's so easy to think of the Sam Bowie stuff especially with what Kevin Durant is doing these days but that's just how it is, especially when your body just isn't there. I'm with Nate "things happen".

I wish the young man all the best on a speedy and healthy recovery but the real hit of reality is that the Blazers don't have to pick up his option at the end of this season and without the solid foundation laid it may mean he has to have one heck of an agent. Yet let's be real he's going to get another shot because his story is that sad and if Darko is still in the league why shouldn't he be.

Get well Greg!