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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Former NBA player makes run for Governor of Oregon

Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley, formerly of the New Jersey Nets, ran for governor of Oregon. The race is still in a dead heat and a winner has yet to be decided.  It's not looking too good for Dudley though because many of the most liberal counties have still yet to count their votes which would likely put democrat John Kitzhaber in the lead. 

It's not too shocking that Dudley would be in the position to run for governor. He may not have been the greatest NBA player (who knew being 6'11 didn't automatically qualify you for success?), but he did graduate from Yale, which means he's smart. 

Dudley retired from the NBA in 2001. The last team he played with was the Phoenix Suns. He also played on the Cavaliers, Nets, Blazers and Knicks.