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Time to Say Good Bye

We've have a great run. But now it's time to say goodbye.


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scenes from last Kings game?

Well, it's probably destined to happen...the Sacramento Kings are likely to move to Anaheim, CA.

So in what was likely the Kings the final game, here is a wrap up of the night.

"A lot of emotions flying around out there, and I'm not poetic enough to come near capturing them. I'll just say that we felt the love of Sacramento. I was very proud of our team ... very proud of the progress we've made this year. I'm really sorry the season is over."
That's how Sacramento Kings head coach Paul Westphal opened his postgame press conference following the Kings' season-ending 116-108 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, here's some emotional photos.
the game is over

Fans arrive prepared to say good-bye

father and son realize tradition will change for them

loving signs were seen throughout the arena

...more signs

...more signs

deep in thought

Kings fans

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