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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Allen Iverson's fancy car impounded in Atlanta

We are disappointed that Allen Iverson isn't playing in the NBA anymore. (We're crossing our fingers that him being black listed will be lifted by next season.)

But the bad press from the weekend...may not help.

TMZ reports that Iverson was a passenger in 2009 silver lambo when the cops pulled the car over. The Atlanta PD snatched the vehicle and gave the "Answer" a ticket.

Iverson's car getting searched...nothing found but expired tags.

No worries, "The Answer" wasn't on the street for very long. The gossip website reports that his buddies cruised by in an even sweeter Rolls Royce to pick up the 35-year-old, 11 time All-Star, which goes to show that even when Iverson's caught "riding dirty," he always has a backup plan.


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