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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blake Griffin Is In The Dunk Contest

Blake Griffin has made it official, he's dunking in the dunk contest! The bad news, Lebron James again will not. Geez. Griffin will compete against Washington's JeVale McGhee, Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings and OKC's Serge Iblaka.

The LA Times got the inside slant and while Blake is the definite headliner we already know JeVale McGhee is going to attempt to fly from the free throw line bank on it!

Your 2011 Dunk Contest participants:
  • Blake Griffin
  • Serge Ibaka
  • Brandon Jennings
  • JaVale McGee
Serge is more of a shot blocker but he's thrown down a few this season so it should be interesting to see him compete. The one that leaves us scratching our head is Brandon Jennings, not because of his ability to dunk but his health. If we had to bet he'll be fine because there is nothing like being front and center in your hometown . Was Russell Westbrook even considered?

We send our apologies to Josh McRoberts as his "White Men Can't Jump" campaign just wasn't enough, even with the help of Brandon Rush.

Now how many props will we need to bring out for Blake to rock Staples with and can we allow him to catch an alley-oop? Will McGee falls flat on his face and can B-Jennings rise up and top them all? Who knows but you know and we know your going to watch!

Here's a leaked video of Griffin:

And, and, and...
If the NBA asks DeMar DeRozan to replace Brandon Jennings in next month's slam dunk contest, he'll do it.
"No they didn't ask (and) I wasn't really paying too much mind to it," said DeRozan, an L.A. native.
"(But) it would be fun to do it, it's at home."
Jennings is currently sidelined with a broken foot, but he is expected to be healed by the event.
"Yeah, I'd go. I'll win it," DeRozan, a friend of Jennings, said.
via the Toronto Sun