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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fans It's Your Turn To Pick The Skills Challenge Field

It's Chris Paul vs whomever you the fans select as his opponents in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge at All Star weekend. You had your say in the starting lineups for each conference so keep up the voting. Why Chris Paul gets the automatic pick, well he's the spokesman.

The Skills Challenge will not end the debate of who the best point guard is in the league but it will be fun to watch but who will we be watching? Here's who is on the ballot....

Derek Fisher, the oldest of the choices but an seasoned vet who should be able to navigate the course effectively enough to post a decent time.

Tony Parker closes out the vets. Again he should post a decent time but whether it's a winning one or not that were not so sure of. Yet you can't turn your back on a Spur because Spurs come fundamentally sound.

Derrick Rose has been here and done this as he's a former champion. That's an advantage but only slightly. Factor in his competitive fire and how the skills course suits his game and he could lift that trophy again.

Tyreke Evans is another young gun in this thing but how will that foot hold up. Maybe he's booking mom and aunt a flight so he can get their homecooking, if he does lookout!

Russell Westbrook can straight out fly. Though will be be too fast to be effective throughout the course, especially when it comes to the passing elements. Heck doesn't matter vote him in. If anything his competitive spirit will propel him into the finals.

John Wall has had injury trouble this season. Were not going to call it "injury prone" but maybe "adjusting to the riggors of the pro schedule" seems a little nicer. When the lights come on Wall shows up and if he's voted in he's surely not going to want to disappoint.

Stephen Curry can shoot the basketball we all know that but how would he far in this thing. Very if you ask us. The guy can flat out handle every drill and could do it with deceptive speed and time. Worth your vote.

Baron Davis is another vet and is a hometown guy. Ummmm he'll get all of the UCLA alumni votes but will those be enough? Just don't see him in this contest but Go Bruins!

So there you have it, again vote away. And yes We'll give you our picks.... Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and yes Derek Fisher. Fisher and Paul rep the vets while Rose, Curry and Westbrook rep the youth movement.