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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kobe Bryant Sends Lindsay Lohan Lakers Hats

Lindsay Lohan was an actress a few years ago.  She was in that movie 'Mean Girls' and then some other movies you probably didn't see. Then she decided to take an extended vacation from movies and went in and out of rehab. There was also that time she spent in jail for drunk driving.  You know, pretty typical stuff for a 24 year old.

During last nights Lakers-Knicks game in Los Angeles, Lohan was spotted rocking a Knicks hat while sitting court side. Apparently Kobe Bryant thought this was unacceptable and sent her some Lakers hats. It's not clear when he sent the hats to her. Maybe between periods?  Maybe before the game? Maybe in her dreams? Who knows! She tweeted out the photo of the hats with the caption "Kobe sent me  hats coz I'm wearing Knicks- I'm from NY!!! Gotta stay loyal!". 

Lakers hats in question
About an hour later she tweeted out another photo, this time of the same Lakers hats, but with a Knicks hat on top. "Good luck to BOTH teams!  I said if lakers win, I'll come to a game w/a laker hat!"
Lakers hats, with added Knicks hat
One love? It doesn't work that way Lindsay. Clearly she learned nothing during her 8th stay in rehab or her time in jail. You need to pick a side. You're either with the Knicks or you're against them. It's not fair to trapse around in your Knicks hat, but then suck up to Kobe Bryant when he gives you things for free. Whatever happened to loyalty?