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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Is Behind Lebron; What Does 2011 Have In Store?

What a year for "The King". It's seem that July8th night is still what sticks out the most for many of us but Lebron is ready to get it behind him and he's stated that more times that we count.

With that, having a late December birthday provides the ripe chance to throw an expensive star studded party to close out a year of growth for James. Really do you see this cake? The damn thing could fill in for Udonis Halsem if it had arms and legs.
Then last week he used the word contraction without knowing what is was and took a hit for that. His new South Beach team didn't get off to the start many experts, fans or casual observers expected but after that return trip to Cleveland the Heat have been hot and only look to be getting hotter.

Maybe that return trip to Cleveland was needed to kinda bring everything full circle, get that one out of the way and you can breathe a sigh of relief of sorts. "No regrets" says James, about 2010 and 2011 will still hold in store more decisions for James to face. There's this little issue of the dunk contest. LBJ said he was going to participate in 2010 then backed out and this year he's still up in the air. Listen we know The King has an image and rep to uphold but go ahead and dunk and get it over with. One problem though, James says "he's [Blake Griffin] already got the home court advantage." Really a home court advantage, this is the dunk contest not Game 7 of the Finals give me a break! James notes that it's be a challenge to go up against the likes of Blake "The Quake" in a dunk contest, isn't that what drives an elite athlete, the challenge to compete and win against other top or rising athletes? If you sat around and watched Blake's dunks this season you can kinda see where LBJ is coming from. We saved you the time see below....

Lastly Lebron doesn't see himself or sidekicks Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh winning the MVP award. Lebron has two of those suckers and the move to Miami was for championship hardware. The MVP award is has some many variables that factor into it as James acknowledged to Fanhouse

"I don't know how you classify the MVP thing," James said. "Do you classify it as most valuable to his team, if you take that person off his team how do they play? Or is it how is he playing numbers-wise? I don't know."

Well he's right about that but it's too early to know who the MVP is anyway and usually the MVP leads his team out of the first round of the playoffs (unlike Dirk a few years back) so can the MVP talk for now. Well sit back and hope he dunks for our enjoyment but we'll also be watching how they handle the Celtics, Bulls, Knicks and Magic in the East with the Spurs and Lakers on the other side. All in all LBJ is done with 2010 so don't ask him about that decision anymore, it's old, very old and he's got a fresh start in 2011. Oh did we mention we want to see him dunk. If he does dunk that could go a long way with the fans and general public (Cleveland does not count as the general public they count as Cleveland) because he's be holding true to his word even if it's a year later. Worrying about Blake Griffin is important but Josh McRoberts also wants a piece of the action, lose to McRoberts and oh my!