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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fans sit on Mavs bench and enjoy their drinks

During Tuesday nights Dallas-Detroit game two fans were seated in what is considered "VIP" seats located almost directly on the Mavericks bench.  During the broadcast it looked as though two crazy fans (they weren't helping with those outfits) just decided to plop themselves down next to Delonte West and Vince Carter.  

The two fans turned out to be some "fashion" designer  named Aaron Cohen and his best friend.  They actually paid money for those seats because as Cohen put it in an interview after the game he wanted "the best seats in the arena." 

Um, no way those are the best seats in the whole arena.  Anytime the play moves to the opposite end of the court (and considering it's basketball, every 10 seconds) you completely lose sight of the action.  You can't even look at the jumbo-tron without risk of neck spasms.  


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