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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kris Humphries didn't like the way Kim treated her family

Only 1/2 true
In the least shocking news of the New Year, it turns out Kim Kardashian is a diva and rude to her family.  Who knew?

According to "sources" Kris Humphries couldn't stand the way Kim spoke to her family.  Since he's such an incredible gentleman with Emily Post style manners, who better to throw stones?  From the little amount of their show that I've seen (and trust me, I wish I would have seen even less) it appears that Kim Kardashian is somewhat of a jerk.  Calling her younger sister a "troll" who's only jealous of her and then demanding all sorts of lame things from her equally detestable mother.  I didn't need any of Kris Humphries' "sources" to let me know that her awful behavior on and off the cameras could have been a factor in the demise of her marriage.

That's not to say Kris Humphries deserves any credit for being a stand-up human being.  He comes off as a homophobic asshole who doesn't care about anyones happiness but his own.  Every involved in this entire saga is a monster and I can't believe I'm still talking about them.  It's a sickness.

(Via Radar)