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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's New Role

From the all-time leading scorer to writing a New York Times Bestseller, Kareem Abdul Jabbar can say he has now done it all has now done it all.

Wendesday, Kareem met with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to discuss his new role as a Cultural Ambassador for the United States. Already a worldwide figure, it’s the perfect role for one of the NBA’s greatest, and already he is going to have his work cut out for him. From the US Department of State:

During the meeting, Secretary Clinton reiterated the United States’ strong commitment to engaging young people worldwide and to using people-to-people diplomacy as a means to create opportunities for greater understanding.

Secretary Clinton and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discussed his upcoming trip to Brazil as a Cultural Ambassador and the strong relationship between the people of the United States and Brazil.

“I am excited and honored to serve my country as a Cultural Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State,” said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has focused his efforts after his NBA career on engaging youth through socially-minded projects and education. “I look forward to meeting with young people all over the world and discussing ways in which we can strengthen our understanding of one another through education, through sports, and through greater cultural tolerance.”

From January 22-28, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will travel to Brazil to meet with underserved youth in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. As a Cultural Ambassador, Abdul-Jabbar will lead conversations with young people on the importance of education, social and racial tolerance, cultural understanding, and using sports as a means of empowerment. In addition, he will participate in basketball clinics with young people in both cities.

This is truly a worthy accomplishment for a man who has earned his role.