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Friday, January 6, 2012

Charles Barkley talks during the Hawks game

Barkley didn't realize he was live and says quite a bit
During the battle between the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat last night, Charles Barkley made a comment that may turn people away from Weight Watchers.

Barkley calls Weight Watchers a scam. Even worse than that comment was what he had to say about the Hawks.



Anonymous said...

That's a complete debauchery. How can you sit there and talk trash about something you endorse so avidly in their advertisements?

HoopHead said...

don't think Charles was talking down, really what he was saying is that he's losing weight faster than Weight Watchers claims. At least that's how it sounds.

muzik said...

this is like taking the locker room public. who ever at TNT allowed this to get out violated the rules. it was off-air and should have stayed off-air.