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Monday, January 2, 2012

Current Player Former Player Beef...

So a little issue with what the "analyst" and the current player never hurt anyone. Well current has ring and"analyst" doesn't. You can split hairs on the topic all day. What Chris Webber did to define his spot in basketball history is solid, Perk's...well is still a work in progress. Perk has a ring and maybe without and injury would have two...now is that vital or not.

Webb said Perk wasn't a fit for OKC, and we were with him during the emotional days of the trade. Now, it's a different story. Perk can be that "vet" that can lead the Thuder to a tile, maybe not this year but before his extension is done.

Perk went to Twitter with his comments to and for CWebb and you can't blame him but it's not like Webb doesn't have a ring because he's Doug West, hardly. He lost to Robert Horry and the Lakers who also had Shaq and Kobe, can't discount that. Talent respect talent so take that for what it's worth.

Oh the KP5 Tweet...

At the end of the day CWebb has more respect than a lot of other pine-riding, role-playing analyst. Not to discredit them but CWebbs contribution to the game of basketball CANNOT be overlooked. Perk, YES you have you right and you should wear and rock it with the meaning it has, therefore just keeping doing what you do and you'll go down as a valuable contribution to the game of basketball as well, just lay easy on the "send" button, yet we feel ya!