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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Yorkers Letter To Carmelo Anthony

Adena Andrews is fierce, confident (some would say cocky) and oh well she's all New York as most New Yorkers are. I've kicked it a time or two with Adena and she was still true to her New York ways, brought scout mob along as if I'd have an issue with using a discount/coupon at a local sports bar and eatery. Ok I digress.

With Mike D'Antoni stepping down after reportedly going to Knicks brass with the idea of trading Melo to the Jay-Z/Russian owned Nets was shot down, everything fell on Melo. Naturally right, he held Denver hostage until the very end and the Knicks brass gave up a lot to bring him home to Brooklyn, his birthplace and to a state where it's last major championship was won with Melo having much to do with that also.

Well in New York it's a lot different and they still care as Adena of ESPNW points out in her letter to Carmelo.

Oh wait something happen along the way. Some kid outta Harvard stole the show while Melo rested more than any players share of nagging injuries in a condensed NBA season. Upon his return it wasn't all good which led to the coach walking out. With that however another person looking for another chance to show he knew what he was doing entered the picture. Mike Woodson, who was shafted in Atlanta to put it lightly. In Atlanta is was the 'Iso Joe' offense, well in New York it may not be an All-'Iso Melo' offense but it'll be embraced along with the defensive principles that Woodson brings should make it all the better (Undefeated at 4-0 under Woodosn at the time of this post).

Winning it what New Yorkers love and yearn for since Willis Reed isn't hobbling through that door anytime soon, yet winning in New York and being from New York oh they'll eat that up. Let's just hope they eat it up with a championship ring and banner in the Carmelo Era and they may even name a pizza after him...

In the end Andrews sums it up best...

Anyway, did we mention how awesome you look in blue and orange and how that attractive wife of yours makes celebrity row sparkle? Spike who? It is all about Mrs. La La now. Thank you for returning home to New York and blessing us with your presence. If you need help navigating the subways or if those pesky bridges get in the way, let us know. We know you're probably busy getting settled, looking for a home and adjusting to your new teammates but, when you get the time, let's grab a bite to eat. We do pizza pretty well here. First slice is on us.