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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knicks start losing, bring on the controversy!

February was a month to remember for the New York Knicks. When you are winning games- seven in a row at one point to be exact- everything seems to go your way. But February is over and it's on to march, a month that has not welcomed the Knicks graciously. They have lost their first three games of the month and dropped to 18-20, a skid that has given the New York media circus reason to come alive with negativity.

Melo and the Knicks have hit their first real slide in over a month. Photo Courtesy of Knicks
At the center of the media's focus is superstar Carmelo Anthony, who has admitted that he's having a tough time "not having the ball in his hands so much." His six-point performance against the Mavericks on Tuesday left him so befuddled that he darted from the locker room early, saying to a reporter "Not tonight."

Linsanity seems to have peeked. Melo is in a funk. Who will the Knicks turn to now?

From Black Sports Online

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