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Monday, March 26, 2012

Kobe's New Wheels

Well Kobe had plenty of time to think about what he'll be driving to Laker games in the future with his time spent on the bench during the fourth quarter in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies over the weekend.

The superstar purchased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia over the weekend and paid $329,000 for it by simply writing a check for it according to TMZ.

Now you want to talk about speed, this is serious speed with a serious engine. Here's what Car and Driver says about this set of wheels...

Ferrari’s mid-engine supercar is powered by a direct-injected, 562-hp 4.5-liter V-8 that sounds like it should be on the grid at Le Mans. A lightweight aluminum structure hides under the sexy skin. Interior design is almost Pontiac-like in its excessiveness, but all is forgiven once rolling.

Just a sick sick ride all the way around and when your Kobe Bryant you can afford to overpay for it also. The based listed sticker price runs from anywhere from $230k to $258k so maybe Kobe got it souped up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Nice ride for sure... Just don't believe that because you have the funds doesn't mean you shouldn't try to work the best deal possible!