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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jordan Puts Mansion On The Market

Current Charlotte Bobcats owner and Hall of Fame great Michael Jordan is reportedly putting his Highland Park, IL (Chicago metro area) mansion on the market. Now the place is laid with an indoor arena so you can hoop when you want, putting green, and indoor-outdoor entertaining and pool area, tennis courts, a pond and a three-bedroom guesthouse are just some of the perks on the property.

Oh and as for the home, it's got nine bedrooms, fifteen full bathrooms, four half bathrooms, five fireplaces, three climate controlled garages that hold 15 cars and is over 56,000 square feet.

The place is it's own world and why would you ever want to leave it yet after so many nights you need something different especially with serious business in Charlotte in attempting to turnaround the Bobcats you just can't be in Illtown much like that anymore.

Sticker price...$29 million but heck look at what your getting with that money. Add property taxes at $165,00o and some change and your all set. Free free to change the number on the gate to your liking or if your an avid MJ fan leave it be.