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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chris Paul Returns To New Orleans

The timing of Chris Paul's return to New Orleans may not be the best for a city still feeling the aftershock of their beloved football team being hammered with historic suspensions and fines. Nonetheless Chris Paul will step on the New Orleans Arena floor tonight as the opponent for the first time in his career. How will he be treated by the fans and the city on his return?

Paul as you recall chose not to pick up the option on his contract for next season meaning the Hornets had to trade him. Even trying to trade him because a chore as the original deal was to send him to the Lakers but after that trade was voided he landed with the Clippers. The Hornets made three playoff appearances in Paul's six seasons and his first two seasons in New Orleans came while the Hornets were splitting time in Oklahoma City during everything that surrounded the city during post Katrina. Now the Hornets are at the bottom of the standings and are rebuilding in so many ways.

How is Paul feeling about the return, he told Art Thompson III of nola.com

"It's going to be odd to see if they still give me that little 'Wooo,'" said Paul of the exclamation popularized by pro wrestler Ric Flair. "It's going to be mixed emotions returning."

“It’s going to be a little bit different,’’ Paul said, “because I still watch them play all the time. I loved Monty Williams. I loved the entire coaching staff. I still root for them. I talk to Trevor Ariza all the time. I talked with Marco Belinelli ... and obviously, Jarrett Jack is one of my best friends.’’

This will be the second time this season the Hornets will welcome back a key player that began their career in the Big Easy. David West signed with the Indiana Pacers over the off-season after opting out of the final year of his contract. He was welcomed back wit open arms and even received a video tribute during a timeout.

Chris Paul may have mixed emotions but one thing is for sure, the Hornets fans and the city need to embrace him and show him the love he showed them during his time in there. Paul is connected to the city and you can believe that. Through his partnership with Chase bank, Paul donated $1 million to fund an after school program. He's played ball with the kids, rolled up sushi rolls helped with a lemonade stand and much more.

Hopefully with all Chris Paul did for the city and the Hornets while he was there the reception he will get will be warm.