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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video: DRose MVP Commercial From Adidas

Deserved it was for Derrick Rose to be named the league MVP this season. Did you see the guy play? Better yet did you see the guy play when his hometown Windy City Bulls didn't have their full roster (Nov/Dec 2010). That is why he is the MVP. Carrying the team with key piece missing. Rose is low key, quiet ya know kinda keeps to himself, until tip-off and then he speaks in volumes...with his overall basketball "talents"/skill, no claptrap there.

DRose endorses Adidas and in return Adidas responded with a special commercial for the MVP. Oh and yea being the youngest player in history to win the award (ousting Wes Unseld) is just a sheer bonus. There were not many people against Rose for MVP but were just glad talent won out despite the age because even at 22 years young, the youngster has a grown man game. Now food for thought...he would have just completed his senior season at Memphis... and you wanted to see him play four years in college? He got his degree...in Hoopology. If an MVP Award in your fourth year, leading your team to the leagues best record, playing under a first-year head coach doesn't seal it then what will, oh a Championship, but you can earn your degree before you become a champion., it's just final exam time.