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Monday, May 2, 2011

Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets arena a ‘ballers’ paradise’

Deron Williams is under contract to play for the New Jersey Nets through the 2011-12 season. Beyond that, salary cap-willing, he could go anywhere to play as a free agent. Of course, because the salary cap probably won't be willing, Williams' best financial option will probably be to stay with the Nets.

D-Will o the construction site of the new Nets arena
 D-Will posted this to his Facebook account:
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 The issue is that the baller's paradise in question is still a year away from completion. The Nets will play in Newark, New Jersey, again next season before moving to Brooklyn in 2012 to work in the new Barclays Center. The team might not be all that improved even with Williams' talents spread out over a six-month turn in 2011-12, which is why the organization is leaning heavily on Williams' hopeful lust for playing in the borough of Brooklyn, in that particular "baller's paradise."