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Monday, May 16, 2011

"Reggie Will You Get Off Me Now"...More Like DWade Move!

It happens no matter where you play, somebody does something that is going to be talked about for days at that same gym and the surrounding areas. From a crowd of neighbors to arena packed the brim and more eyes on a basketball game the past eight years.... everybody saw it.

If you didn't please go ahead....

So umm yeah, after watching this 99, 100, 101...150, 200 and counting times, we still get the same reaction. Some Heat fans quickly stated "it wasn't all that" type talk. Well today Zaire Wade even told dad, it was one of those kind of plays.

Watch the ballboys or the fan in the red shirt and jeans sitting courtside near the bench or how about the fan behind the basket in the black shirt and jeans, he's first out of his seat before the BOOM is completed, then pumps that fist because he knew he saw it coming. Now believe it or not there was a fan sitting right there and didn't even see it. Courtside seats, right to the left of the hoop, he never moves he never saw it, where does that happen at. Taj Gibson says he hasn't it seen either, however that was earlier by now I'm sure some real close family member tricked him in to watching it, some kind of way. Heck it's an outstanding basketball play, CJ Watson leading the 3-on-1 break, makes the defender commit and feeds Gibson whose filling the lane, trailing, whatever playing basketball, the defender is jumps and the rest it what everyone is talking about.

Funny thing is NO MATTER what happens the rest of the NBA Playoffs, "Gibson soaring over Wade" is forever locked in the memory bank.

Glad the defender didn't ask for the tapes back.