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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cavs Pick Up Homeless Man For PA Gigs

So things in life happen for a reason and then somethings happen because they are suppose to. Wait hold up isn't that the same thing? Well anyway Ted Williams was a homeless man off the street who now is employed full time by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loan Arena as a supplementary PA Guy and they threw in a house to boot. You see Ted has a wonderful voice in which he described as a "golden voice". Check out the video below of the outstanding tones of Ted Williams while still out on the street.

Ted told the Cleveland Leader:

"Just to get back to some normalcy and responsibility.. If I can get a job, whether it's a $25,000 or even $18,000, I'd be happy. At least I know God has me where he wants me."
Nice pipes huh well below is the radio spot in which the Cavaliers offered him the full time gig and explained to him what opportunities they had for him. So in the future the names of NBA players will be announced to a packed house at the "Q" by a guy who could never attend a game let alone have a place to stay. On top of that he's got a face for radio, ok just kidding but were so glad he was able to turn his life around and the Cavs saw the value of this homeless person.